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We often hear from friends or clients who have been injured in an auto accident that they don’t really want to “sue” anyone, or they may ask, “why do we need a lawyer”.

The answer is that hiring an attorney is your way of accessing all insurance benefits available to you. In our Massachusetts “No Fault” system the first $2,000, and in some cases up to $8,000, in medical bills is generally paid by your auto insurance carrier. You may also be entitled to payment for your lost wages while your claim is pending. Medical bills beyond the No Fault limits are paid by your medical insurance provider.

Our office will coordinate these benefits and make sure your bills get paid by the proper provider, so you don’t get the run around and left wondering if your bills are getting paid. You simply focus on your medical treat and let us do the rest. Once you are done treating, we will see that you get the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.

We do not charge you a fee if you decide not to pursue your claim. That’s why it’s important to contact us right away to preserve your rights.

Feel free to use our contact form or call Gelinas & Lefebvre, P.C. at 413-532-0010 for a free consultation. To fully protect your rights, you should not speak to any representatives of the other driver’s insurance company until you have spoken with an attorney.