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Our Staff

Susan M. Mello, Paralegal – sue@attorneysgl.com

Susan is the office manager at Gelinas & Lefebvre, P.C. and has 23 years experience supporting and assisting attorneys in law office administration. Susan also works closely with clients in the areas of bankruptcy, creating and maintaining corporations and LLC’s, and supporting litigation matters. Feel free to call Susan anytime with any general questions.

Laura Graham, Paralegal – laura@attorneysgl.com

Laura has been assisting attorneys for the past 22 years in residential and commercial real estate transactions. She guides Buyers and Sellers through the closing process, answering questions, explaining the transactions, reviewing documents, preparing documents, and communicating with Lenders and Realtors. Laura’s experience allows her to help our clients complete the closing process efficiently. Please call Laura with any of your real estate questions.

Lori E. Gagne, Paralegal – lori@attorneysgl.com

Lori provides support to Attorney James W. Gelinas in the areas of Estates, Guardianships, and Estate Planning matters. Lori would be glad to answer any of your Estate or Probate related questions or simply to schedule an appointment for you to meet with Attorney Gelinas.

Claire M. Clini, Independent Paralegal – claire@attorneysgl.com

Claire has worked with Gelinas & Lefebvre for over 20 years in its personal injury practice. Claire works with medical providers, insurance adjusters, attorneys and clients to ensure that clients receive lost wages, co-pays, and deductible reimbursement through PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and any other benefits you may be entitled to as a result of your accident. Let Claire assist you with any questions that you may have regarding the Personal Injury claims process.

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